OPUS Outdoor Painting Challenge 2015

Uh…..well, I was browsing the Opus site regarding a little workshop I clicked on a couple days ago, and I saw a shiny banner advertising about this outdoor challenge. How could I not?
Anyway, so it will be taking place this Sunday, May 10th, 2015.

The locations vary depending on your town and area in which the store you sign up for is located. I went for downtown Vancouver since it should be less crowded than Granville Island (I think) and since it is easier to get to without the extra bus (who knows if it will be full?). If you ever been to Granville Island on Canada Day out of curiousity or another crazy weekend, you would know what I’m talking about.

Event page: http://opusartsupplies.com/opc

I have never taken part in one of these, since I certainly imagine a huge crowd and that seems like it wouldn’t allow me to concentrate (I also have social anxiety, so that doesn’t help). However, the rewards seem good enough to at least try for, and I have thought previously of this sort of thing before. There was one about an hour away from where I live I wanted to do before, but of course I didn’t make it that far. Even without the crowd I’m all nervous!

Gee….I haven’t even used my acrylic paint set for at least 1 year, if not 3 years, since I’ve moved around various times and really don’t want to stain anybody’s floors or walls by accident–an angry roommate doesn’t seem like a fun idea. I am not really sure there is a safe place to paint outside the parent’s home (uh, wait,…never mind…). Well, I certainly don’t have money for my own studio, so….this is the time to see what happens, I guess. No excuses for this one. It seems the theme simply is “mood of the day”, probably regarding weather and, I suppose the immediate environment.

If anything, I plan to run to the nearest park for a spot (what is this, hunger games?) and hope to find a bird-or maybe I’ll take some reference photos with me. Probably should get there early…it seems there is a “limited” supply of provided canvases….I sure hope all are given out to those who chose to use one…or else, I have to run back home and see if I even have a 9″x11″ canvas in my pile of dusty acrylic supplies I bought on discounts.

Other upcoming events of interest this week:
The Vancouver Public Library is hosting a few art and ecology related displays this week, so I’ll be taking a look at those. I am most interested in the Artists for Conservation display (eh? I had no notion they were showing here via the places I signed up with them..) and the Peace of Mind exhibit regarding mental health and art expression. As usual, I had not found this until it was to late to submit myself, so I am adding it to the list for next year and a possible September display they say will happen.

Stanley Park Ecology Society has an info session and visual panel for architects and designers to learn about working with using bird-friendly project designs to celebrate Bird Week (May2-9) (more windows kill birds than house cats, I recall). Even if I don’t attend simply to see how it goes, I am interested in how it turns out and if it will encourage change for the best.

Events at the lower mainland libraries: https://vpl.bibliocommons.com/events/search/index

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