Get to know me and see if my work suits your cause/projects:

Who I am as:

…an Artist:

Through my natural-world based work, I plan to help raise awareness of the environment and wildlife conservation. My secondary theme is fantasy, in which I use borrow elements from nature to make various creatures inspired off real animals, such as local bird species and the ecosystem I live in here in the West Coast. I would love to get my work involved in local shops and nature areas. I try to balance my sort of scientific mindset in sense of “how does this work in real life?” with my artistic one, as some of my illustration is geared more to natural science and others to fantasy worlds where at times it compliments each other or it clashes.

Currently I have added young children genre art after becoming a mom (I actually always loved picture books, but now my inspiration runs around the apartment with her fascinations of things she sees). I am planning to make my own books and currently considering small publishers and self-publishing on Kickstarter.

…an Individual:

Introverted and always trying to take a step back and not get swept up in things in my extroverted culture I just couldn’t relate to growing up, I often found company among my pets, art, video games and few good friends. I always wanted to travel and find my own path and calling. I like going outdoors to take photographs of birds and trying new food I never got to experience in my home town. Also, did I mention I love old culture? I aspire to see castles and medieval festivals.

Things I value:
Sustainable practices – we all share the Earth, thus we all owe some level of responsibility to contributing to ensuring it is always left in the same shape it was when we got it at the minimum, but we should aim to always leave in a better condition. I am actively seeking to better my own daily impacts through consumer practices and habits.

Fair Legitimate Pay – Illustrators should get paid just like any other skill set and profession, especially one that makes money for others such as logo design, book covers etc. If an illustrator is making things to make you money and drive traffic to your business, they should be getting paid accordingly.

Mental Health – I am aware that in high-stress work cultures, the health of individuals and the culture itself deteriorates. This is why the arts in many forms is so important, to help people cope and process emotions.

Additionally, I also practice Photography with my Instagram being my current primary gallery space (link below):