Back Better than Before for 2019 :)

I am not really sure what to start with here, I have been absent off here for awhile. Instagram has been a lot more simple for me to upload new work, so that’s where I’ve been active (at least I’ve been art-alive somewhere). Additionally, I’ve been trying out a new style look as I head into being a new mom of a infant-toddler stage girl who loves her books to bits (as it, of course, she chews on some but she really does flip them and read the pictures).

Here is some new work I’ve done already in the first 1.5 months of the year. I feel like this is quite something compared to last year. Having a cluster-feeding newborn and being confused about babies, I really didn’t do much for a while. It was at least nice to have an excuse to just sit and play through The Last Guardian on my PS4 while she napped on me after nursing. Plus the winter blues.

Over the past few months, I have been contemplating my new art career direction. I had just found a local Illustration meetup group, and it’s helping me feel more inspired and accountable for pushing myself with the real career-orientated setting, having access to field information and seeing what others have been working on.

My goals as an individual have been always leaning towards Environmentalism and Conservation, contributing to but just unsure in which way. As an artist, I feel I am more ready to step into finally walking there. One of the other things that has recently greatly affected me of late, was attending the Artists for Conservation’s art show teaming up with what is called the Ornithology Congress for a big event of bird sciences and art together. I felt like I had a place to belong, kind of, even though I didn’t really meet anyone or talk to people a whole lot. But just being there was something that seemed to remove the self-doubts and the lack of support I’ve been feeling within my own circles. I just feel kind of misunderstood I guess?

Another Chinese New Year theme like my last post it seems
This work here is what I am aiming to do more of besides the cutesy book art :)!
It started out as a challenge to draw sketches of the bird, but I managed to complete even a background. Very inspired by my visit to the Ornithology Congress and Nature Art festival, in addition, the Hornbill I saw at Taipei Zoo for this particular piece. I will make a feature blog for this one soon.

In any case, now that my silly baby is more active, I kind of got the pros and cons of it—I don’t really need to hold her up, but she sure knows how to get my attention with her voice if I’m trying to get other things done, so I have to be realistic with my projects.

Oh, the other reason I am being more pushy towards goals now: I am turning 30 this year! UGH! What have I been doing to make life go so fast? I need to finish writing and start checking off items in my 2019 bucket list.

Remember, life goes so fast!

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