Personal Spaces Exercise + Future Uses

My first blog post, on my first official site outside of social networks and DeviantART! (credits to my fiance, he is the tech wiz).

Anyway, this post is for a small assignment I followed from a blog. This is about a character’s personality being shown through his living space. The perspective is off, but that is not important at the moment ( did actively correct things as I went, though–but didn’t let it take over).

If I focused too much on the straight lines, I wouldn’t be able to focus on character development and being creative. Of course, this is still up for redesign later, but simply figuring out what his room looks like was something I had not yet gotten to, or even thought about yet. This was a fun exercise, and did require me to think a little bit—but for the most part I already know the character well.
Thad's room
¬†would describe the scene and character, but since the point is to use imagery, so I won’t. You have to try and figure it out for yourself :P–though it is my job to ensure you can at least read the basic ideas. After all, I am working on my illustration skills right now. What do you read from this image? what kind of person lives here, and roughly what age range? His hobbies and things he does in his spare time?

Perhaps this is ambitious or just normal for a fantasy-minded artist, but I’ve been making up new worlds and characters since middle school, only now can I really mature them into more original works and bring more life into them. While I cannot say I’m at the level I’d like to be to make final artworks, I am still needing so much actual building before the art takes place that it can wait for my painting skills to improve. I enjoy the research part, but making languages…gets old fast for me. The plan in mind is to start on a novel, perhaps with images as opposed to starting out with a big graphic novel before I am ready for such a task. After that, well….we’ll see—to start, I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself. This is a long-term project, so it can evolve with me as I grow.